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Encountering the Heart of Jesus: Eucharistic Revival for Families Based on the Beatitudes

Encountering the Heart of Jesus: Eucharistic Revival for Families Based on the Beatitudes

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🌱It’s time for the Eucharistic Revival to come home to our families!🌱

Encountering the Heart of Jesus is a beautiful whole-family study that will lead your family closer to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. Packed with stories, prayers, beautiful artwork, and family discussions, and challenges, this book is the revival every Catholic family needs.

Through the Beatitudes, which serve as our entry point for this study, Jesus offers us a portrait of His Heart. We will only be blessed, or happy, if we model our own hearts after His and strive to be poor in spirit, meek, merciful, mournful, pure, peacemakers, and willing to face persecution for His sake. 

Each chapter of this study digs into one of the Beatitudes. First, we look at the beatitude through an Old Testament story, like the widow of Zarephath or Abraham and Isaac. ✨Second, we look to the Gospels and explore a story from the life of Jesus that perfectly models the beatitude. In the third section, families explore how the Eucharist directly connects to the beatitude, and how the Eucharist is in fact the reward promised in each beatitude. The fourth section introduces families to a Eucharistic saint. Since this study is for the whole family, each featured saint is a child who, despite their age, recognized and adored Christ fully present in the Eucharist. Each of these first four sections ends with one or two discussion questions to help families share after reading. Finally, in the fifth section, families are given a guide for prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, complete with a hymn, Scripture passage, and prayer.

Encountering the Heart of Jesus is a printed, physical book. Printed in full color in Canada, the book is 6”x9”, with perfect binding. Encountering the Heart of Jesus: Eucharistic Revival for Families includes original artwork from Jen Olson, with 10 portraits of Jesus and 8 portraits of Eucharistic saints.

Encountering the Heart of Jesus is for the whole family. Although families are welcome to use this resource however they’d like, recommended use is as follows.

  1. The family gathers at a specific time and works through the study, one chapter a week, for eight weeks.
  2. The parent reads a section out loud to the family and leads a short discussion afterward, using the questions included.
  3. After completing one chapter, the family makes time for a visit to Eucharistic Adoration and prayerfully uses the prayer service materials.

It is our hope that using this study as a family will draw you closer to each other and to the Eucharistic Heart of our Savior.

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