100+ Catholic Calendar Magnets


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Perfect for your family whiteboard calendar, this set of 107 beautiful Catholic Calendar Magnets will help you live liturgically, remember the saints, engage in important spiritual practices, and bring the Faith into your ordinary daily life! 

Sold only as a full set, this set of magnets include:

  • 12 Month Titles (featuring a couple of saints we celebrate that month)
  • 35 Liturgical Feasts (including Marian Feasts, the days of Holy Week, Holy days of Obligation, and many more)
  • 27 Saint Feast Days
  • 12 Liturgical Markers (for example, the start of Ordinary Time, end of Christmas Season, etc)
  • 16 Spiritual Practices (including reading Scripture, confession, the Rosary, and keeping a holy hour) 
  • Birthdays and Beginning and End of School Breaks

Most magnets feature original art.

The magnets will arrive in a beautiful case. Inside you will find several “sheets” of magnets. You will have to manually “punch out” the magnets before using them.

We have added the date for each magnet that has a fixed feast day (meaning it doesn’t change one year to the next). Other magnets for movable feast days (like Easter) do not have a date written on them. You will need to look up these dates each year. 

We have limited supplies! Order before we are sold out! 

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