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Catholic Sprouts

Catholic Calendar Magnets

Catholic Calendar Magnets

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The new and GREATLY improved Catholic Calendar Magnets are perfect for your family whiteboard calendar.

This set of 156 beautiful Catholic calendar magnets will help you live liturgically, remember the saints, engage in important spiritual practices, and bring the Faith into your ordinary daily life! 

Sold only as a full set, this set of magnets include:

    • 12 Month Titles, each featuring a call to join the Church in that month’s devotion
    • 41 Liturgical Feasts including Marian Feasts, the days of Holy Week, Holy days of Obligation, and many more
    • 60 Saint Feast Days including saints you know and love…and others we encourage you to grow to know and love!
    • 16 Spiritual Practices like reading Scripture, going to confession, praying the Rosary, and keeping a holy hour
    • Birthdays and Feast Days

Most magnets feature original art.

The magnets will arrive in a beautiful case. Inside you will find several “sheets” of magnets. You will have to manually “punch out” the magnets before using them.

We have added the date for each magnet that has a fixed feast day (meaning it doesn’t change from one year to the next). Other magnets for movable feast days (like Easter) do not have a date written on them. You will need to look up these dates each year. 

Magnets can be used and reused year after year. They are the perfect addition to your family whiteboard calendar or your classroom calendar. 

As mentioned above, each month's title features a call to join the Church in that month’s devotion. These are universal devotions observed by the entire Church. 

  • January: Holy Name of Jesus
  • February: Passion of Our Lord
  • March: St. Joseph
  • April: Holy Eucharist
  • May: Blessed Mother
  • June: Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • July: Most Precious Blood of Jesus
  • August: Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • September: Our Lady of Sorrows
  • October: Holy Rosary
  • November: Holy Souls in Purgatory
  • December: Immaculate Conception

If you love this set, check out our NEW Daily Catholic Calendar Magnets: With over 70 separate magnets, the Daily Catholic Calendar Magnets is sold as a set in a beautiful envelope. Great to use on your fridge or classroom whiteboard, this magnet set will last for generations of students and allow them to see the uniquely wonderful way we order our lives as Catholics.

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