Scripture Study for Families: St. Paul's School of the Word (Booklet & Digital)


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St. Paul's School of the Word will help your family explore all a large portion of the letters St. Paul wrote to the Early Church. Like the other resources from Catholic Sprouts, everything you need for this scripture study can be found in the booklet. No need to prep or gathers materials. Just grab your booklet and gather your family around you.

How to make St. Paul's School of the Word your Family Prayer:

1. Start with a simple prayer.

2. Read the included scripture all the way through.

3. Play the "telephone game" with the scripture, one little piece of scripture at a time. Dots are included to show you where to break up the scripture.

4. Share what struck you as you read and repeated scripture.

5. Read "The Lesson", although this is optional.

6. Close in prayer.

Along with the booklet, you will also receive a digital bundle of materials to help your children engage more fully with the Bible Study. Included in the bundle are printable ornaments and a poster of the Risen Lord to place the ornaments on. This bundle will be delivered electronically. 

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