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Rosary Booklet

Rosary Booklet

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Rosary Devotional, *NEW AND IMPROVED!*

Already loved by thousands of happy customers, the Rosary Booklet is finally back in print! And not just that, we’ve made some serious improvements. The Rosary Booklet is now HARDCOVER, has a beautiful RIBBON and enhanced images. With all the same powerful devotional material as before. 

The booklet is designed to help those just beginning to pray the Rosary, as well as those that have been devoted to the Rosary for years. An introduction includes an explanation of how and why to pray the Rosary, as well as words for all of the prayers for the Rosary.

From there, the book is organized by the mysteries of the Rosary. All of the following are included for each of the 20 mysteries of the Rosary.

  • Custom art, created specifically for this booklet.
  • Scripture Verses for the mystery
  • A virtue to reflect on, pertaining to that mystery.
  • A reflection to help you really "step into" the mystery of the Rosary
  • A prayer to conclude each mystery.

The booklet is small enough (4.5"x 6") to fit into your purse and offers enough to reflect on for years to come.

The booklet is hardcover with a ribbon for marking your page.

And finally, the Rosary Booklet is priced as low as possible to ensure that everyone has access to it. Please, consider using this little booklet to grow closer to Our Blessed Mother, and gifting a copy to a friend so they can do the same. 

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