Our Lady of China 8x10 Print: Marian Art

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Our Lady of China celebrates the way that Mary came to the rescue of the Faithful in China during a terrible persecution. This title and the art print that we have created also reminds us of the fact that Mary is willing to help any of her children, from any country of culture, if they call on her and her Son with faith and love.

In the early 1900s Christians faced terrible persecution in China. As the Boxer rebellion broke out, Christian villages were targeted. Surrounded by armed soldiers, the Catholics of a small village prayed through the intercession of Mary that they be saved. Suddenly a woman holding a child appeared in the sky. Many soldiers saw her, dropped their weapons and fled. After this miracle occurred, a local priest had an image of Mary created dressed as the empress of China and holding the Christ Child, the try Emperor. Our Lady of China, pray for us!

To Jesus through Mary!

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• 8x10 physical print, printed on sturdy art-quality paper.
• This physical print will be mailed to you
• Frame and props not included
• Print will be beautifully packaged in a sturdy mailer
• Colors on the screen may differ slightly from printed piece

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