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Catholic Social Teaching for Youth

Catholic Social Teaching for Youth

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CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING FOR YOUTH a ready-to-use script for Catholic parents as they set to work teaching their children the TRUTH on all of our modern moral and social issues. With full Imprimatur from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, you can trust it this book to effectively teach what is true, while inviting your child into what is also beautiful.

Organized around the themes laid out by the USCCB, CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING FOR YOUTH will walk you and your child through all 31 Catholic Social Teaching topics, from the Dignity of the Human Person, through the Call to Family, Solidarity, Care for the Land and Workers Rights.

But CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING FOR YOUTH does not just share Church Teaching (if that’s all you want, just pick up the catechism). The book shares this truth through story and image, helping these truths to penetrate your child's heart in a lasting way.

To do this, the discussion of each of the 31 topics addressed in CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING FOR YOUTH is divided into five sections:

  • Church Teaching: What does the Church teach and why does She teach this?

  • The Lie: What are the lies Satan has planted in this world that perpetuate this sin or confusion?

  • The Truth of Jesus Christ: Next we look to the Gospel. How does Church teaching grow directly out of the life and words of Jesus Christ?

  • Witness to Truth: In this section we look closely at the story of a saint who lived out this truth.

  • Called to Action: In the final section we ask you to get to work. Whether it be a challenge to learn more, take up an important prayer intention or become and advocate, once we know the truth we need to be part of sharing it with others.

Printed in full color, CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING FOR YOUTH is also a beautiful book. Jen Olson created 32 custom portraits for this book, and color is used to help children see the link between topics.

CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING FOR YOUTH addresses the following topics: Abortion, The Death Penalty, Euthanasia, Suicide, Medical Ethics, Pornography, Transgenderism, Slavery, Chastity, Sex Outside of Marriage, Openness to Life, Divorce, Homosexuality, Same Sex Marriage, Civic Duty, Political Activism, Criminal Justice, Immigration, Racism, Freedom of Religion, Healthcare, For those with Disabilities, Drug Addiction, For the Elderly, Care for Those who are Homeless, Dignity of Work, Workers Rights, War, Terrorism, Stewardship of the Land, and Care for Animals. 

Creating this book was a labor of love and we pray that it benefits your family!


We honestly feel that EVERY Catholic Home should have a copy of Catholic Social Teaching for Youth. Here is a detailed explanation of how to use this book with a variety of ages of children:

If your children are preschool age and younger, CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING FOR YOUTH will be great for you as the parent to read and study. The text will form your own moral character, make you a better protector and guide for your young children, and give you the language you need for those conversations when they happen in the future.

If your children are in elementary school, CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING FOR YOUTH needs to be on hand so you can address confusing topics as they come up. When aunt and uncle get divorced you can read the section on divorce. When your child overhears adults debating about abortion, you can read that section. When your child resists befriending someone with a disability, you can read that section. Elementary aged children will not be ready for all the topics in this book. As the parent, you know best when to introduce the topic of sex, which much of Catholic Social Teaching addresses directly. Regardless, you will likely need to teach about sex and the sex-related topics in this book before you feel ready.

If your children are in middle or high school, I challenge you to use CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING FOR YOUTH as a cover-to-cover parent-child study. Whether your kids are homeschooled or attend a public school, they are literally bombarded with a constant stream of beautiful and sensational lies. If they don’t already, they will have peers who are transgender. They will question the sanctity of marriage, the Church’s teaching on immigration, our duty to the poor, the right to life for an unborn child, and whether porn is really that big of a deal. You need to address each of these topics in a direct and thorough manner that is focused on the true, the good, and the beautiful. CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING FOR YOUTH will allow you to do that.

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