The Domestic Church Project Bootcamp


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Are you ready to welcome Jesus into your home and allow Him to transform you, your family and you life?

Awesome, let's do this!

The DCP Bootcamp is a 6 week experience (which we will be spreading out over nine weeks!) for the whole family that will gently guide you through the process of building and committing to live in your unique Domestic Church.

Each day families will listen to a 10 minute audio lesson. Then, after listening they will use the discussion guide to talk about what they heard, and make plans for living this out more fully in their family. Through this parents will learn that they are the primary educator of their children's faith, and that the best way to teach the faith is to learn together, discuss, act and pray.

This session of the DCP Bootcamp will begin the week of Sept 12th, and conclude the week of Nov 7th. Of course, if your family needs longer to complete the Bootcamp, you will continue to have access and can do so.

Including in this ONE TIME PURCHASE are the following:

  • Lifetime access to the entire Domestic Church Project Course, which includes 7 parent videos and 30 whole-family audio lessons.
  • Digital Copy of the Family Manual, used by parents while leading family discussions.
  • Digital Copy of the DCP coloring book, to help keep the littlest ones engaged during family discussions
  • NINE live classes with Bill and Nancy throughout this experience (on Tuesdays at 8:30 CST) where we will learn together, pray together and meet the challenge of building Domestic Church together.

The six week's follow this plan for building a Domestic Church.

Week 1 - DEMO: Make room for God in your home and in your mind.

Week 2 - DEMO: Heal and wounds and sins in your family.

---Go to confession as a family---

Week 3 - BUILD: Put in place the pillars of Obedience, Unity, Discernment, Desire for Holiness and Trust.

Week 4 - BUILD: Fill your Domestic Church with generosity, compassion, service, forgiveness and worship.

---Make a Holy Hour as a family---

Week 5 - DWELL: Grow in the virtues of Faith, Hope, Zeal, Prudence and Fortitude, all while writing your Family Mission Statement.

Week 6 - DWELL: Look to the future of your Domestic Church and hear from other families that have gone before you!

---Renew Baptismal Promises and Marriage Vows as a family---

Many catholic families have already been transformed by the DCP bootcamp, and we'd like your family to be transformed by it as well.

Once the enrollment window closes on September 13th, we will not be enrolling new families in the DCP Bootcamp until the Spring of 2023.

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I can't wait to go on this journey with you!

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