The Joy of the Incarnation Christmas Devotional for Families

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Celebrate the octave of Christmas as a family with song and scripture!

The Joy of the Incarnation Christmas Devotional for Families was created because so many families asked for it. Use this devotional to keep all of those beautiful Advent practices going into the Christmas season. After all, Christmas is not over on Christmas is just starting!

The Joy of the Incarnation Christmas Devotional offers a family prayer for each day of the Christmas Octave, December 25th throughs January 1st. The format for each day's prayer is:


-Opening Prayer



-Closing Prayer

That's right! This devotional is all about SINGING! Each day we will ask you to sing a Christmas carol as a family, because we don't stop singing these songs at Christmas...we should START singing them then! Since all of these songs are in the public domain, we were able to include the full sheet music for each song at the back of the book.

The devotional will also have you reflect on a song included in scripture each day. Some of these songs are taken from the book of Psalms, which was traditionally sung or chanted, but many of them come from the New Testament where St. Paul and others recorded the lyrics of Early Christian songs in their letters. 

Finally, we worked hard to include reflections and scripture passages that ground you in the feasts celebrated throughout the Christmas Octave, including the feast of St. John the Evangelist, the feast of the Holy Innocents and the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God on January 1st. 

Along with the devotional booklet, each order will also receive a Joy of the Incarnation poster! The poster is a original art depicting the nativity, and in this picture each person is singing! From St. Joseph to angels to the lowly shepherds, each person is singing for joy! The devotional will also direct children to color in one word each day of the octave so they can add their own touch to this beautiful poster.

It is our hope that this little devotional will really bring the JOY of the season into your home! Sing and worship together, because Christ the Savior of the World has COME!

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