The Domestic Church Project [BETA]

The Domestic Church Project is a 6 week bootcamp for families that will enable them to set up and live in their own Domestic Church. Each night families will listen to a 10 minute audio lesson of dinner. Then, after listening they will use the discussion guide to talk about what they heard, and make plans for living this out more fully in their family. Through this parents will learn that they are the primary educator of their kid's faith, and that the best way to teach the faith is to learn together, discuss, act and pray.

The six week's follow this plan for building a Domestic Church.

Week 1 - DEMO: Make room for God in your home and in your mind.

Week 2 - DEMO: Heal and wounds and sins in your family.

---Go to confession as a family---

Week 3 - BUILD: Put in place the pillars of Obedience, Unity, Discernment, Desire for Holiness and Trust.

Week 4 - BUILD: Fill your Domestic Church with generosity, compassion, service, forgiveness and worship.

---Make a Holy Hour as a family---

Week 5 - DWELL: Grow in the virtues of Faith, Hope, Zeal, Prudence and Fortitude, all while writing your Family Mission Statement.

Week 6 - DWELL: Look to the future of your Domestic Church and hear from other families that have gone before you!

---Renew Baptismal Promises and Marriage Vows as a family---