Cor Jesu: A Lenten Encounter with the Sacred Heart of Jesus for Catholic Kids


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This Lent, Jesus is calling you to come and encounter His Sacred Heart. Cor Jesu, the Lenten study for Catholic Kids, will help children understand the remarkable way Jesus loves them, and how His love is what we are seeking. Free for all Clubhouse members, this digital study can be used by several of your children, year after year.


  • 44-page study as a downloadable PDF, ready to print.
  • Beautiful weekly reflections on the love of Jesus Christ written for children aged 9-16.
  • Full scripture passages and detailed explanation of Lectio Divina for children.
  • Weekly creative activities that include coloring, reflection on images, and drawing.
  • Weekly worksheet to evaluate dedication to Lenten Resolutions.
  • Further explanation and encouragement on all of these points inside the Clubhouse each week of Lent.

Cor Jesu was created for children, roughly 9-16 years old, so they might have a quiet, reflective Lent, although families and classrooms can support this effort. Cor Jesu walks children through the entire Lenten season, inviting them each week to contemplate the love of Jesus in a new and powerful way. Cor Jesu guides children by offering weekly reflections, a fun activity, and an invitation to meet Jesus through the practice of Lectio Divina. Each week children are also asked to review their Lenten Resolutions. 

Cor Jesu offers children WEEKLY reflections instead of DAILY reflections. We wanted to avoid overwhelming children. Instead, we wanted Cor Jesu to be a powerful FIRST private study for children that they could complete.

Study Overview:

  1. The Week of Ash Wednesday children are introduced to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and challenged to set Jesus-centered Lenten Resolutions.
  2. The First Week of Lent children reflect on how Christ’s love desires to protect them.
  3. The Second Week of Lent children reflect on how generous the love of Jesus is.
  4. The Third Week of Lent children reflect on the eternal and infinite nature of Chris’t love for them.
  5. The Fourth Week of Lent children reflect on how the love of Jesus is tender and merciful.
  6. The Fifth Week of Lent children reflect on the fact that no matter what, Jesus’s love is always pursuing them.
  7. And finally, during Holy Week children are asked to reflect on the remarkable fact that the love of Jesus Christ is willing to suffer for them.

All too often our Lenten Resolutions have more to do with me than with Jesus. Let’s not make that mistake this year! Place Jesus and His Most Sacred Heart at the center of Lent and use Cor Jesu to help your children develop a private, personal, and love-based relationship with Jesus Christ.

Cor Jesu is a DIGITAL study. After purchase, you will receive a PDF download that you can print as many times as you’d like for family or classroom to use. Please note: you may only use this PDF in your family or classroom. Do not share publicly.

But, before you purchase! 

Cor Jesu is FREE for all Clubhouse members. Along with the Cor Jesu Study, Clubhouse members enjoy weekly events for Catholic Kids where we pray together, work on liturgical crafts, meet religious orders, and go on virtual pilgrimages. This Lent we will be taking virtual pilgrimages to the Holy Land! 

… And, it’s just $12 a month for a family to join the Clubhouse! We hope to see you there!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we adore you!