Holy Week Imaginative Prayer Activity
Holy Week Imaginative Prayer Activity
Holy Week Imaginative Prayer Activity
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Holy Week Imaginative Prayer Activity

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It can be a powerful and beautiful thing to enter into all of these events, and really BE with Jesus each day of Holy Week. We do this, of course, through Scripture. Scripture is the Word of God. It is alive and has the power to transform our hearts and open our eyes to the TRUTH. But, most of these stories we have heard time and time again. It can be hard to really enter into these moments of Jesus' life for adults, and even harder for children.

For this reason, we created The Holy Week Imaginative Scripture Activity that uses images and audio to really enter into scripture.


We worked with an artist to create a beautiful, colorful, informative and family-friendly image for each day of Holy Week. The intent with creating these images was to give children a path for entering into the event. Jesus was a real person, in a real place, at a real time. He looked a certain way and was surrounded by noises and smells and textures. Imagining all of these things is a powerful to really enter into the scripture.

Because different families might want to use these images in different ways, even beyond Holy Week, we will send you the images both in full color and as coloring pages.


We have also create a short audio file to listen to as the family or classroom each day of Holy Week as you gaze at the image. The audio file includes a short reading of scripture (the scripture that describes the event happening that day) and then a beautiful guided mediation. The meditation will ask you to really enter into the event. Who are you in this image? What are you hearing, seeing, feeling? What do you see Jesus do, and what does that mean?

It is our hope that the guided mediation will help children enter more fully into the final days of Jesus' life so that they are better able to stand near Him as he walks to Calvary and gives us the most beautiful gift.

The Holy Week Imaginative Scripture Activity is available for $8.

This entire activity is free for all Catholic Sprouts PATRONS. To access your files there, head here: https://www.patreon.com/catholicsprouts. Not a Patron? Join today and get access.

Everything will arrive as a single zipped file. Within that zipped file you will find:

  • 8 full color images for each day of Holy Week (Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday)
  • 8 coloring sheets of the images for each day of Holy Week
  • 8 audio files for each day of Holy Week that include a reading of scripture and a guided imaginative reflection, beautifully woven together with music.


Print the images and turn on the audio file whenever is best for you and your family! This set of images and audio files will be a great resource for your family this year, and for years to come! Just save the file and reprint everything next year!

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