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The Virtues for Catholic Youth

The Virtues for Catholic Youth

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The Virtues for Catholic Youth is a 12 week virtues study, designed to be used by Catholic children in grades 3-8. The study will be most effective if each child works through the study, week by week, with a parent. 

Over the course of 12 weeks, youth will explore Humility, Purity, Mortification, Gratitude, Faith, Generosity, Love, Forgiveness, Hope and Zeal for the Mission. 

It is important to note, however, that The Virtues for Catholic Youth is so much more than an introduction to the virtues. Instead of telling about the virtuous life, we strive to help children and their parents experience the virtuous life. This is accomplished by looking at each virtue in a variety of ways.

Each week begins with a look at a common vice, such as pride, lust, gluttony or envy. Next, we explore God’s antidote to this vice: the corresponding virtue. The following day of the study unpacks this virtue further by discussing a saint that exemplified it. We’ve included a custom portrait of the saint along with the biography. Next, we turn to the Old Testament and hear about a story of people either succeeding or failing to live out this virtue. Finally we turn to the Gospel and the greatest model of virtues, Jesus Himself. Each week concludes with a simple but powerful challenge to help youth live out what they have studied.

The Virtues for Catholic Youth is a full-color printed book. While creating this resource we strove to produce something that not only communicated the beauty of virtue, but was beautiful in its own right. 

Product Details:

  • Full Color, beautifully printed
  • Sturdy construction and tabbed pages for easy use
  • Metal spiral binding
  • 12 original watercolor portraits of the saints, created for us by @jenolsonillustrations
  • Content prayerfully created for children ages 9-15, that will also greatly benefit their parents.
  • Powerful questions for discussion following each section to build relationships and help parents discuss important topics with their children.
  • Manageable lessons, divided into 12 weeks.
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