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The Jesse Tree: Advent Devotional for Families: DIGITAL COPY

The Jesse Tree: Advent Devotional for Families: DIGITAL COPY

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The Jesse Tree Advent Devotional is the perfect way for Catholic families to prepare to meet Baby Jesus at Christmas. This study will take you through all of salvation history and plant in your hearts a beautiful longing for the birth of your Savior at Christmas.

This version of the Jesse Tree has been prayerfully reworked. We have added four new characters, expanded scripture passages, and added meaningful prayers and songs to each day's reflections. The book itself has also been redesigned and printed in hardcover with custom color illustrations for each day.

This purchase includes the DIGITAL copy of the Jesse Tree Book, along with a PDF of the countdown poster and stickers.

 The Jesse Tree Advent Devotional is a journey your family can go on each and every Advent Season. Inside the book, you will find 29 separate reflections so that even during the longest Advent Season, you will have a different person and Bible passage to mediate on. Each day's reflection follows the same format:

  1. Title and Image (which match the stickers on the poster)

  2. Scripture Passage, printed in full.

  3. Explanation of the Scripture Passage, which connects this Bible Character to your family and Advent.

  4. Family Prayer

While writing this book we strove to create something that would engage the hearts and minds of all family members, from the adults all the way down to the toddlers. We also worked hard to make something that was short and powerful because we know how busy the Advent Season often is. Therefore, you can complete each day's devotional in five minutes or less.

The Jesse Tree will allow your family to have a meaningful and stress-free Advent season this year and for many years to come!

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