Socks: Saint Martin de Porres [LIMITED EDITION]


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Journey with the Saints!

Martin de Porres was the son of a freed African slave and a Spanish nobleman. He suffered discrimination, but he was kind and loved Jesus. Martin was trained as a barber (who at that time, did the work of a doctor), and he became known as a healer. Martin desired to be a monk, but could only be a servant in the monastery because of his race. Regardless, Martin treated everyone with love, from the poorest beggar in the street, to the rats in the cellar. Eventually, Martin became a monk and he continued to serve and work miracles in the name of Jesus. Martin de Porres knew that whatever he did for the least in this world, he was really doing for Christ.

Catholic Sprouts Saint Martin de Porres Socks feature a beautiful portrait of Martin in his religious cassock. We included little mice to remind children o the story of Martin and the mice. On the bottom of the foot you will find a Bible verse from Matthew 25 that St. Marin lived out beautifully: "Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do onto me."

Saint Martin de Porres socks are "no show" socks and come in one size that will fit most children. Produced by our good friends over at Sock Religious, each sock was made right here in the USA. The ultra soft thread is durable, stretchy and washable.

Size: Youth Ages 5-10, Size 12-1.5

We have only a limited supply of Saint Martin de Porres socks. Once our supply is sold out, we might not be creating more. 

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