Socks: Saint Kateri [LIMITED EDITION]


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Journey with the Saints!

Kateri was a Mohawk Indian girl. Kateri contracted smallpox at age 4 and was left with a disfigured face and poor eyesight. She was adopted by her uncle, and banned from practicing the Christian faith, but she continued to love Jesus. When she was baptized, her family treated her like a slave. Her family ignored her wish to give herself only to Jesus and arranged a marriage. Eventually Kateri escaped to a Christian village where she lived as a consecrated virgin until her death at 24. Moments after Kateri’s death, her face was miraculously healed. Throughout her life, Kateri risked everything to follow Jesus, and Jesus remained faithful to her.

Catholic Sprouts Saint Kateri Socks feature a beautiful portrait of Kateri as well as the outline of turtles. On the bottom of the foot we have included a powerful quote attributed to Kateri: "My Jesus, I must risk everything with you!"

Saint Kateri socks are "no show" socks and come in one size that will fit most children. Produced by our good friends over at Sock Religious, each sock was made right here in the USA. The ultra soft thread is durable, stretchy and washable.

Size: Youth Ages 5-10, Size 12-1.5

We have only a limited supply of Saint Kateri socks. Once our supply is sold out, we might not be creating more. 

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