Domestic Church Project: LARGE Parish Year License.
Domestic Church Project: LARGE Parish Year License.
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Domestic Church Project: LARGE Parish Year License.

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Partner with us to renew the families in your parish!

The Domestic Church Project is a 6 week in-home experience for the whole family that teaches them how to set up and live in a Domestic Church. After taking their family through the Domestic Church Project, parents at your parish will be able to lead their family through any Faith Formation Program. It is our goal to train them to be the primary educator of their children's faith moving forward!

This listing is for parishes planning to enroll MORE than 70 families in the DCP this year.

After purchasing this license, you have our permission to enroll an unlimited number of families this year.

This audio-based program can be accomplish over dinner. For six week families will be asked to do a DCP lesson 5 nights that week. The lessons were designed to engage the minds and hearts of the whole family at once. 

After your purchase you will receive a number of resources including:

  • Detailed instructions for enrolling your families.
  • PDF for planning the use of DCP in your parish
  • Digital fliers to share at your parish
  • Pre-written emails to send out to your families during the DCP experience.
  • Video to share with families as they begin.

Once we get family information from you we will begin enrolling. Once they are enrolled, each family will have a unique login. You, as the administrator at your parish, will have access to see how the families are doing throughout the DCP experience and if they are completing the lessons.

We are excited to get to work helping your families build their Domestic Churches!

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